About PAAC

About PAAC

P.A.A.C. – People Assisting Animal Control is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation formed under the laws of the State of Texas in August 2010.

Our mission is to promote responsible pet ownership, improve the lives of pets in our community, and reduce the number of  unwanted and stray animals entering our shelters.

How can we achieve this?

Affordable and subsidized pet sterilization programs;  Low cost vaccinations and preventative veterinary care;
Community outreach, basic pet supplies, pet food, and education on animal care.
When you donate to P.A.A.C., your money goes directly to our organization to achieve our mission. We pride ourselves on our careful distribution of funding to make sure we are able to help the most animals possible. Our financial records are available to donors upon request.
P.A.A.C. is comprised of a full board of directors and officers including president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. The majority of our members are business owners who are highly invested in the Corpus Christi community and welfare of our city.
PAAC now has a low cost vaccination clinic and a high volume spay and neuter clinic located at 5804 Ayers.

Our programs include:

  • High Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic – average about 600/month
  • Low Cost Wellness – vaccine/prevention – about 500/month
  • TNR – Trap, Neuter, Return of feral/stray/community cats
  • Pet Retention Program (PRP) – This program is a partnership between Animal
    Control and PAAC.
  • PFL – Pets for Life is a program under the mentorship of Humane Society of the United States

Thank you for your support!

PAAC’s Achievements in 2023: A Year to Remember!

This year has been monumental for PAAC, with numerous grants and donations being awarded to us. As a result, we have been able to extend our reach and provide much-needed assistance to the Coastal Bend area. We are thrilled with what we’ve accomplished and are eagerly looking forward to all that 2024 has in store. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support in our mission!

2023 Coastal Bend Day of Giving

The team at PAAC is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded $34,028.00 from the Coastal Bend Day of Giving 2023. We are extremely grateful for the support and generosity of all those who donated this year. We are excited about the future as we prepare for 2024. We are determined to continue making a positive impact in the Coastal Bend by providing our essential services to those in need.

Petco Love Grant Recipient

National Nonprofit Petco Love Invests in People Assisting Animal Control to Help Increase Access to Veterinary Care for Pets in Corpus Christi, Texas

Donations help with community outreach

Donations received in 2023 will continue into the New Year supporting programs like our Pets For Life Program!

Animal laws are important!

Shelby Bobosky, attorney with Texas Humane Legislative Network came to Corpus Christi to go over laws that passed this last legislative session with our Coastal Bend. We had Bee, Nueces, Refugio, Aransas, & San Patricio representatives present. We were honored county judges, police officers, police chiefs, animal control officers and our very own State Representative Todd Hunter were present at this event. We are here to help and support our municipal agencies.

Providing Free Medical Care for Homeless Pets

PAAC visited the Good Samaritan homeless shelter to give complimentary medical attention to the pets of its residents. Witnessing the joy of the owners who were grateful for the services was a heart-warming experience.

Pet Food Donations!

Thanks to our partnership with chewy.com and the Humane Society of the United States, National Pets for Life team, PAAC has received 5 large trucks of pet food and supplies to donate to the community pets of Corpus Christi since 2020!

That’s 413,000 lbs of Food!

And over 1 million dollars of in-kind donation dollars (items plus shipping)!

You support will allow PAAC to continue to distribute food and supplies through our Pets for Life program and continue our mission of closing the pet resource gap and make pet care more accessible to all.

Let’s work to remove barriers to pet care access, together!

2023 Surgery Stats!