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PLEASE SHARE! Meet Roxy, 11 month old blue heeler and her owner Mr. Reyna. We met Roxy and Mr. Reyna during door-to-door community outreach in the focus area in early October. Mr. Reyna informed us that Roxy was a gift given by one of his daughters.Mr. Reyna shared his immense love for Blue Heelers with us.Mr. Reyna stated when his daughter informed him he would be getting a puppy, he insisted that the puppy be the runt of the litter. Mr. Reyna shared that he has always felt that the runts of the litter require more love and care which leads to them becoming amazingly strong dogs.

Mr. Reyna was enthusiastic to find out about the free services the Pets for Life program at PAAC had to offer and thanks to the Pets For Life Program, Mr. Reyna was able to have Roxy transported to and from his home just a few days after initially meeting with us. On the day of Roxy’s appointment Roxy was spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, received a flea/tick treatment and even got to go home with a toy!

Upon visiting Mr. Reyna as a follow up, Roxy appeared to be as playful as ever and Mr. Reyna expressed his gratitude to the program. Mr. Reyna stated he was very thankful and even recommended the program to his neighbors in the focus area. Thanks to the Pets for Life program, pets like Roxy can continue to receive vital medical services which may have not been possible otherwise.

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Roxy during transport.
Mr. Reyna meeting Roxy after surgery. Our PFL Client is explaining surgery discharge instructions to Mr. Reyna.