Pets For Life News

(Humans from left to right: Wero, Mark; Pets: Chulo, Chiquita)

It is always difficult, when it comes to our pets, to decide who is the lucky one. Us for finding them or them for finding us. It is no different with Chulo. Mark and Wero found Chulo, who had been roaming the neighborhood as a puppy and needed some TLC. As fellow animal caregivers, they took him in and make him a part of the family.

Mark and Wero estimated that Chulo may have been about five to six months old when they found him. They felt so sad to see such a pretty boy, which is what “Chulo” means in Spanish, in distress, so they took him in and as Mark and Wero tell us, they wondered if he would improve. What to do now? Because of a lack of access to affordable pet services, many people in our outreach focus area rely on either home remedies or head down the road to the feed store to see if there is anything that they can do for their pets. Often times families can’t afford to bring their pets to a private veterinary clinic or lack a means of transportation, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an immense amount of love and care.

When Chulo was adopted into the family he was thin and had a skin condition. They were able to nurse Chulo back to health and one would not know that at one point in his life, Chulo had missing patches of fur and wasn’t the vibrant, healthy dog he is today. Chulo’s companion is Chiquita the Chihuahua and they are inseparable. Chulo whined from the minute he was transported to the clinic for services through our outreach program until the time he got home after missing his family while he was at our clinic getting neutered.

Through the PAAC Pets for Life Program we were able to share with Mark and his family an opportunity to have their pets spayed and neutered. The response was positive and immediate.  The next hurdle was getting Chulo and Chiquita to our clinic. Fortunately, at PAAC we are able to offer transport services to our Pets for Life Program clients as part of our program, focused in many parts of the 78405 zip code.

Giving back to the community is so important and that is what the PAAC Pets for Life Program is able to offer. The ability for families in this underserved area to have the option of accessingthe free services that we are offering, as well as a link to be able to keep vaccinations for their pets up-to-date, is an essential part of our mission..  We salute our community and those individuals that make extraordinary efforts to assist and care for dogs and cats in need of homes and families!