Pets For Life News

FEATURED PETS – Diana Garcia

We met Diana and her pets at the beginning of our program. Someone had left a litter of puppies on her property and she was not prepared for that job.

The puppies were fluffy little things and we started them on their vaccinations and had them spayed and neutered. Of the litter, Diana and her family decided to keep Snowball. Diana mentioned she had a male cat named Smokey who lived indoors and would occasionally come outside. We scheduled him for a vet visit and had him neutered, as well. Smokey and Snowball are living the life with Diana and her family and she continues to keep in contact with us.

Update: 7/4/2018

Bear Bear and Sparkles are a few of the pets recently helped through our new Pets for Life program. They are now spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated with flea and tick prevention. Look at the happy smiles! Our Pets for Life Program is a mentorship program through The Humane Society of the United States. We focus on the human animal bond and keeping pets with their owners. We are very proud that PAAC was chosen for this program and we are able to help so many owners and their pets in our focus area. By focusing on a specific, smaller area, the resources used make a bigger impact by targeting neighborhoods. This mentorship program is the 3rd one in Texas and Corpus Christi was chosen to make the impact on our focus area.