Pet Retention Program (PRP)

What is PRP?

After many assessments of local animal controls, the highest ratio of pets that end up in shelters are owner surrendered. Owners tend to surrender due to hardships or unfortunate events that prevent them from accessing assistance. Statistics show that the two major reasons as to why are medical or behavioral. This doesn’t mean that these owners do not love their pet, it simply means they may need a helping hand. These owners love their pets very much, but may not be able to teach Fluffy from jumping.

PRP is designed to be the step between pet owners and animal control. Owners who want to surrender are given the option to be contacted by a local non-profit for assistance. PAAC contacts owners and may offer a variety of services for free. Animal control officers may refer owners to the PRP program if they feel that they are a candidate and will inform PAAC of what their pets need.

This program is generally grant funded, is grants are unavailable PAAC will use the profits gained from wellness clinics to fund these programs.